Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fairy Tales by my friend Ryan Morris

I wrote this this evening

.....Ever After

The life of a fairy tale.

Can be like our own.

The ending is happy.

But the story unknown.

The story begins.

Then there’s always a twist.

You can’t get to the ending.

Unless you persist.

Some stop reading the story.

When things, they look bleak.

They don’t have the strength.

Their hearts are too weak.

So they grab a new tale.

Then the reading begins.

If it ends in the middle.

Then nobody wins.

So things just seem hopeless.

Because we always quit.

We don’t finish the story.

To the fear we submit.

God tells us, “Hold on.”

“The ending is near.”

“Just keep reading the story.”

“Don’t give in to fear.”

“Believe in My ending.”

“Believe and then hope.”

“That the hero will climb up.”

“From the end of his rope.”

And so you continue

The prince finds his queen

The greatest fairy tale ending

You ever had seen

But had you not finished.

The true ending unknown.

The prince would not have a queen.

To share with his throne.

Fairy tales are filled.

With both sadness and laughter.

Where you finish the story.

Becomes your ever after.

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