Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heavenly places part 2 (encounter with Poppa)

Part 2 of Heavenly Places

Again, I just want to say that everything I'm writing is what I experienced on Oct 17 2010 in a dream. I was taken to a "heavenly" place. I will try to relay everything as best as possible, but some things I saw is just too indescribable, so bear with me. If you have not read part one of Heavenly places, I encourage you to do so. Then you will be able to see the whole picture. Also, as I was coming in and out of consciousness, the sweet fragrant perfume continued to be in my bedroom. I believe it was sign from the Lord that I what I was experiencing was very real.

After I saw my son, I then found myself riding in the passenger side of a vehicle. I believe it was a pick-up truck, but I did not see the outside of it. The windshield was covered in rain drops, and it was hazy and hard to see out of. I was told that these were my tears. Then they were wiped away so I could see through the glass. The sky was the most amazing mysterious color. It was a golden color like a sunset, but not. Some of the colors I saw in this place I cannot describe or articulate. The sky was golden, and we began to move forward quickly. I asked, "where we are we going?" I was told that we were going to the future. I noticed that I could not see in the back rear window, I could only see forward. As we were moving, I saw a big hillside that was covered with people...hundreds...thousands...I'm not sure, but I knew they were many. It was a city made of people. I did not see buildings, just a glorious sight of shiny glowing people. I knew these were the saints of The Lord and they belonged to the king of Glory. They were shining with reflecting glimmering iridescent lights. The sky line was continously changing colors -bright vivid colors of the rainbow: purple, raspberry, and all of it was marvelous and beautiful. Some colors I don't think we have here on earth. They were richer, more full of hue. I was filled with this beautiful sight. My heart was filling with the peace that all my troubles of this past season were away and I had a promise of beauty, joy, and fullness thereof.

Sometime during this whole experince I was crying and worshiping at Poppa's feet. I was grateful and thankful for him bringing me through the ugly, dark and painful times.

I, then, was out of the vehicle. I was still concerned about my project that I hadn't yet worked on. Poppa began to show me boxes of hearts that were on display. These were hearts of His people. They looked like they were made out of hand-blown glass, like ornaments. Some were purple, rainbow, mixed colors and patterns. I remember that I really admired the purple ones...they were very pretty. Poppa then showed me mine. He said, " I am making your heart clear so that others can see through it and find me." This answered some questionsI had about my life. I sometimes had been frustrated that others could easily see my tears, pain, mistakes and trials. I felt like I was an open book and it was difficult for me to hide or conceal how things were in my life. Now I understand He purposely has made my life transparent so that He can be given glory.

I mentioned to Poppa about my project. He said that He has already has seen the words to my song. They are written on my heart. I saw words flash before me. He said that I didn't have to make a project, because " You have already been tested, tried and found to be pure. You have been chosen." I felt peaceful and happy and humble. I knew that my interview was over and I was accepted for the ministry team.

I saw golden feet dancing. The ground beneath was golden and lit up. These beautiful feet were leaping, twirling in the air over the ground. I was told these were my songs....songs of deliverance.

I also saw strong, beautiful white horses galloping toward me. I'm not sure what the reason was, but I was reminded that Poppa and I sometimes ride on a white horse together while I'm worshiping Him.

I also saw a movie screen that had bright flashing images of things that I did not know. They were of colors. I knew this had to do with my life.

Poppa and I had a discussion about my love, the one in the green shirt. The one that had broken my heart. I asked him a question that had been concerning me for quite some time. "How come every time I am praising you and worshiping you, Poppa, I always see my love's face? I do not worship anyone but you. "

He answered ,"It is because you are one. You both worship me in spirit and in truth." He didn't tell me if were getting back together as a couple, but I knew were both called to the same ministry. To move and sing in the prophetic and to pray for others -that we would would reach many people for God's kingdom and glory.

I also was with someone who had coins and I took the smaller worth and left the greater valued coins to them. I don't know what this means.

I also reminded Poppa that last February, in my mommas' church I had recieved a prophetic word from a man. I was told that God would heal my heart from a past relationship, and that if I trust God, He would bring me in to the most wonderful greatest season of Life. I would be amazed and experience more than I could ever imagine.

Well, I believe that Poppa has healed this heart of mine. I no longer am depressed and I see things clearly now, so now my new season is upon me!!!! Praise be to The Lord who is worthy of all glory honor and praise. Thank you, Jesus..the King of Glory!

I woke up to daylight and my room was filled with the beautiful fragrant perume smell...a reminder that I had been with Poppa in a heavenly place. It was real. Also, that smell lingered on me for a few days. :)

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