Tuesday, October 19, 2010

heavenly places (encounter with Poppa)

This is an event that took place in the middle of the night of October 17th 2010. This was a spiritual dream. Some may not believe or they may feel confused because they don't have understanding of spiritual things. It's up to you to decide to read this or not, but I assure you that all that I am writing here is true. Some of the events may be relayed to you out of order. This is because I was in a place that had no time frame, and many things were happening. I was also in and out of consciousness, sometimes in my room, sometimes not. I will convey everything to the best of my ability. Some things I saw and experienced are very hard to decribe with words.

I must tell you the events before this journey took place. This was when I was awake and it preceeded the dream I had.

Saturday, October 16th I was in the shower getting ready to take a day trip to Seattle with a friend of mine. While I was showering, I suddenly smelled a very sweet and lovely perfume smell. I searched and sniffed the shampoos and soaps and even myself, trying to find where the scent was coming from, but couldn't. Even though I thought it was odd, I dismissed it for the time being and continued to get ready for the busy day ahead. We spent a long but fun-packed day at the Seattle center, the mall and Seattle's water pier. Window shopping, space needle, ghost hunting tour, then out to dinner afterward. It was a long but beautiful day.

When we got to my adoptive brother's house I went to bed. I texted a friend for a while and finally dozed off at around 2 a.m.

I suddenly was awoken from my sleep. I smelled a strong fragrant scent in the bedroom where I was sleeping. It was sweet and very beautiful. I did not know where it was coming from. I also felt a "presence" of something in the room. I was too tired to try figure or search this out, and since I was not feeling afraid, I went back to sleep.

The dream:

I ended up instantly in a room with a table. I was in a place that felt like a church. There were people in this room talking. I knew they were believers. I saw a flyer of a music band on the table. I looked at it and was excited and happy, because it appreared that I knew this music group (now, after the dream, I honestly don't remember the name, but in the dream I did, and was familiar with who this ministry team was). A few people came up to me and started talking to me. I saw a young man in his 30's dressed in casual, but trendy clothes. He wore a painters hat, a graphic designer tee, a brown jacket and jeans. He had amazing, gentle and warming blue eyes. I went to him and said, "You are my favorite". I knew that this man was the main musician and the star. He was in charge. He was confident, but also warm and caring. He gave me a hug. We talked for a little bit. I discovered that this ministry team was made of people who sang and played prophetic music. They also went and prayed for and helped others. A few of the team members came to me and started interviewing me. I was told they were looking for two girls and that I just may be one of them. I told them that I did not play an instrument, but I only wrote songs. They told me that they would need to see my work and that I might be chosen.

They also layed hands on me and prophesied over me and I was crying, because I felt God touching me. I begun to look around and noticed some others were being interviewed too. There were team members also praying and prophesing over them as well.

I glanced across the way and I noticed someone who was very dear to my heart. He was my true love. I knew it was him, because he had on a favorite hat he wore and a green shirt. He was being interviewed and I was not surprised, because I knew that he had been a worship leader once and he also composed songs and played a guitar.

I was happy for him. He did not see me, but I saw him. There was a white "being" that held a rock about the size of a child's fist that was glowing brightly. I saw this rock being placed on his mouth. Bright light was bursting out of his mouth. Then they took this rock and placed it over his chest area where his heart was. The light was very bright and looked like it pierced and broke out of his chest. I felt very happy and peaceful, because I knew he was being set free from bondages in his life. I was reminded that I had been faithfully praying for him to be delivered.

I began to look around some more and over heard people saying that they needed to get their "project" done by 10:00. Some were talking about going home to work on it. I, too, thought about leaving so I could work on my "project" as well. I needed to write the words of my song down on paper.

Then some of the team members dressed in white started walking with me up a breezeway. It was a wide hallway in the building. It had a hill-like angle, kind of like a bridge, but not a bridge. Along the sides of this wide hallway, I saw the most strange-looking creatures. They were peculiarly odd looking to me. They looked kind of like animals, but also like monsters -something I never had seen before. These creatures did strange things. They changed into other things in a moment -like a flash. I saw one creature that was about 2 feet tall grow to be about 6 or 7 feet tall instantly before my eyes. Even though these things were strange and to me even seemed ugly, I was not afraid. I looked and said, "this is very different and unusual -abnormal, I have not seen this before". I was told by a voice, "The veil has been lifted off your mind, and now you can see. You now have understanding." I realized I was not in a church, not on earth, but in a heavenly place.

As I was walking over this hallway, I realized I was not in a church, nor was I in an earthly place, but I was in a heavenly place -a different realm. I was okay with this and was not afraid. I was then being shown around on a tour of this place. I also realized the musician man was with me. He was the leader and he was showing me around. Also in the hallway, I saw my true love once again, the one in the green shirt. He turned into an ashen black stump right before my eyes and I was told he is not who he once was. I kept walking.

The musician that I was walking with and talking to began to change. I had also started addressing him as "Poppa" and he answered me when I called him this. His street clothes had changed to a white simple robe and he had long hair. The same gentle eyes and kind face was there. I realized that this musician man was my "Poppa"..Jesus the King of Glory.

I felt comfortable with Him and I felt like I knew him. I told him I had been hurt in my heart. He listened and held me. He also comforted me for a while. We did not discuss it, but kept moving along. As we kept moving through this place, I became wiser and had knowledge of spiritual things. Everywhere I went, it increased and things made more sense to me. I was being shown "mysteries" of heaven.

Poppa took me to a white fenced area. In this pen was a group of babies and toddlers playing around. Poppa asked me, "what will you do with these?" Then he went off to the side and watched and observed me. I went inside the pen and played with the children. I picked up rose petals and tossed them in the air over the babies. They laughed and enjoyed the petals falling on their heads. I felt an immense amount of love come out of me for these little ones. I looked over at Poppa and he was smiling at me. He was pleased with me. Soon, I was taken to another place.

I was taken to a room with a door that was open and I peered into the room. It was called the "project" room. Inside was my love again...the one in the green shirt. He was sitting at a table working on his "project". He was smiling and looked very happy and peaceful. He had a long yard stick in his hand and he was writing something down on paper. I saw him, but he did not see me. I noticed that whenever I saw someone being interviewed, they didnt see me. I was observing. I also kept thinking to myself that I needed to get my project done. I was concerned about it, but I was busy being shown around.

In the corner of this room I saw my oldest teenage daughter. She was being held up by 2 team members dressed in white. She was glowing and her face had sparkles. She was smiling a big huge grin. She was crying and shaking with the power from the Lord. The team members laid hands on her and she fell upon the floor. My love in the green shirt got up from the table and walked over to her. He got on his knees and knelt at my daughter's feet and laid hands on her. He was shaking with power of the Lord and weeping and praying for her.

I knew that my daughter was being interviewed too. She was being worked on. My daughter did not see me, but I saw her. I was soon out of the room. At one point during this time, I had turned to Poppa after glancing at my love and said, "This is my one true love". He didn't say anything, but listened.

My teenage son suddenly appeared before me. He had been weeping tears. He was sparkly and glowing too. He had the power of the Lord and I knew that he had been interviewed and he was chosen to be on the team. He did not have to make a project, because his was already done. I was so happy and felt very peaceful and assured. I was glad my son was chosen. Again I saw him, but he did not see me.

I have to stop and take a break...it will be continued..but I must go to bed. I have so much more to tell. :)

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