Monday, October 24, 2011

Liquid Golden Rain

Liquid Gold, Rain Down:

Our tears have been many, falling in a our secret place where we meet with You. They soaked upon our pillows, they fell at our feet. They fell when we could barely whisper Your name, Jesus. They fell silent in the shower as the water rushed over the weariness of the day. They fell down when we gave up in surrender, but these tears were not forgotten to your memory, Sovereign Lord, for Your memory is eternal, and You have captured them in Your bottles -each and every single one. They are like jewels. They have been kept in your sacred pavilion, and just as the melted snows of the mountains fall into the rivers, lakes and streams and evaporate into the heavens, returning as rains to nourish the flowers and the fields, so are these tears we've cried. They fall down as liquid golden rain, Your sweet presence, Your double Grace, Your intoxicating perfumed oil, Your golden iridescent lights glimmer off your daughters' faces and, oh, do we rejoice and dance in the rain: the former and the latter rains of Your glory and honor and strength! Our hands are lifted to You. Our faces glow in the rain of Your favor. Your golden rain soaks us until nothing but You is seen or heard. We twirl and dance and leap in liquid light of Your freedom, for Your promise has been that mourning will last for the night, but your joy comes in the morning. Your liquid rain washes away the traces of yesterday's pains and disappointments. Heaven's rains turn into floods of His living waters. We swim in this golden sea. We are drowned and captivated and swept away of His love.

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