Thursday, November 3, 2011

Now Is The Time (A Spontaneous Song)

Now is the time

Time for rejoicing

Time for the sorrows and pain to fade away

All that is left is His radiant beauty

Shining down upon your face

All that was promised has come to pass

The tears that are falling

Are of gladness and joy

Now is the time

Now is the season

of nothing wanting or lacking

Time to be dancing

Twirling around in His favor and grace

Now is the time

the weight you were carrying

Has been lifted with His peace

Now is the time

to forget what is old

as now has come the new

Take off your garments of sadness

and wear new robes of Joy

You eat at the King's table

There is new wine and new oil

Your enemies are defeated

Those who spoke against you

now have to bless your name

Now is the time the season has changed

What was is no more

All that you have is new

and better than before

Now is the time

Time to sing a new song

Time to bless and give

to others and help them along the way

Time to be in the King's chamber

being close and dancing with Him

He kisses your forehead

and places a ring on your hand

You are His

Now is the time

for the golden rain to be falling

the season has changed

Rejoice and dance in it

It's falling-

the golden rain is falling

His grace and favor are falling

Soak it all in

Now is the time

the tears of sorrow and pain

are but a distant memory

What was against you

is now defeated

What was lost is now being found

What was stolen

is now being returned

better and paid double

The things held over you

Are now being cancelled

Your debts are cleared away

This is your time

this is your season

All that was promised has come your way

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