Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Make A Woman Happy

To the boyfriends, husbands and the someday wanna be's...Here's a few tips :) What makes a woman happy in a relationship ? And what keeps her happy ? NOTICE US: Look her in the eyes. Have you seen it light up or sparkle when she sees you? You are the one who has the ability to turn the twinkle lights in her eyes. If she's delighted, If she's feeling loved. If she adores you- It will show. Notice her thought and input on her outfit. Notice her perfume and mention it. Notice if she's done her hair differently. Always comment and say, "I notice your hair looks different today- I love seeing it up it shows your beautiful neck." Notice her shoes. If you notice anything good about us it makes us feel good. But you have to tell us. It doesn't do anything if you don't say anything. Nothing's worse than getting ready for an evening out- And a man says nothing. Always take notice. The only real way to take notice is to look at us and study us. TREAT US LIKE A LADY ALWAYS: Be an old fashioned guy and treat us like a lady. Not just once in a while, but all the time. Open the doors when entering and leaving any place. Open the car doors for us. Reach for our hand to help us out of a vehicle. Some guys even buckle the seat belt for us- That's sweet and romantic. Pull out the chair for us at the table in public places. Pay for the date when going out. Bring flowers just for the sake of it's a beautiful day. Send flowers to our work place- this makes us feel valuable. Special note: If your woman is not use to being treated this way- Be patient. She may make a silly remark if you haven't done this for her before, but just keep doing these things anyways. We will appreciate it. Don't use foul language in front of us. Don't ever call us a "B"word when angry. BE PROUD OF US: What I mean by that is if you introduce us to someone- Say, "This is my beautiful wife". Compliment what a wonderful wife, mother and person she is. We need to know this often. We feel valued if you are proud of us. Hold our hands in public. When were walking to the car or shopping. Give our hand a little squeeze and smile at us- for no other reason but to just say "Hey, I'm on your side and I love you". Touch the small of our back and guide us gently when were walking into a room of people- WE LOVE THIS. SHOW US YOUR STRENGTH TO US: Be a man and show your strength to us by carrying our packages, groceries, etc. Reach up high for us and get something down for us. Change the light bulbs, take out the trash, change the litter box- Do the unpleasant, smelly chores- Because were a lady. A lady should not have to do those things. Yes, it's old fashioned, but it makes us feel good. Knowing you like being a man for us. Take "hot" things out of the oven so we don't get burned. Again- If you haven't done these things for your woman before- It may take her a while getting use to you doing it. AFFECTION: Give us physical affection without voicing a sexual invitation. Leave it up to her if she wants it to lead to the bedroom. Touch our face, trace our features with your fingers, kiss the top of our head and pull us into your chest. This is endearing and it FEELS GOOD. We feel loved, safe, and secure. Rub our aching legs or feet. Kiss the back of our neck while were doing dishes or cooking. Give us hugs when we look stressed or down. If you do these things- Most likely we will feel loved and often may want to make love to you because we feel cherished and adored. MAKE US FEEL NUMBER ONE: If you spend alot of time on your boat, going golf with the buddies, fishing, watching tv sports all the time- We will feel jealous for your attention. WE dont mind if you do have your man cave time and your stress relieving activities- But if there ever is a day when were sick or we need extra help with the kids or it's a emotional day- Please always be willing to cancel that engagement and choose to be there for us. This gives you huge brownie points :) Also because we know that no matter what were more important than anyone or any thing. This makes us feel secure and valued. when we feel secure we have no problem you going out with the guys or you spending time in your man cave. SEX: Make us feel like your making love to us. Take the time to caress us, explore us, enjoy us. Try to pleasure us before yourself and you will be a happy man in the bedroom. Because the more you appreciate our curves, tell us were sexy and beautiful. It makes us more confident. If were more confident about our bodies- we will be more open and delicious for you. Also remember sex starts outside of the bedroom for us women. This means- You have flirted with us, smiled at us, spoken to us kindly during the day. Help us with the kids or chores- This gives us more energy for you. REMEMBER THE DETAILS: These are important to us. I know it's hard to remember- But take special notes when your woman says she wants something or she admired something in a store. Because then you can surprise us. Nothings more admirable when a man remembers a pair of shoes or perfume his woman wanted and he later brings it home to her. She will feel special and she will feel that you listen to her ! COMMUNICATING WITH US: When talking and listening to her- Always, Always, Always look her in the eyes and face. This makes us feel heard. If your wise you will repeat back what we said just so we know you understand. Example: " What your saying is that you would like for us to go on vacation at the coast and stay at the the hotel we stayed at last ?" The tones you use in your voice when speaking to us. I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH- HARSH TONES HURT US. Don't shout at us when your angry either. Show us respect like you would your boss or aquaintenance. If you are harsh-Then apologize quickly and say it was unacceptable. Work on this area if it's a problem for you. WORDS: Speak sweet "Everythings" to us... Call us sugar, honey, babydoll, babe, georgeous or whatever- But call us sweet things. And tells us were beautiful often !!! We don't get tired of hearing it. Let us know were your whole world. Whisper love words in our ears...Write little love notes or buy love cards. PLAN DATES FOR US...Surprise us. Just take care of the details and hire the baby sitter. Be clever and creative. If your not- then google ideas on the internet. Want a really awesome idea? Buy her a dress, necklace and shoes- Then surprise her with a note saying "I saw this and it reminded me of you and I want to take you out tonight with you wearing this. " The lady at Macy's will think your sweet- YOUR WIFE WILL THINK YOUR AMAZING !!! BE A MAN OF GOD: Pray for us and with us. Lead us to God when there's a problem. Make it a priority to have us go to church together regularly. Live and lead our family in a lifestyle of worship, prayer and walking in God's love daily to us. Nothings more SEXY than a man who is a worshiper and a man of prayer and integrity !!!!!! WE LOVE IT. ALWAYS PURSUE US. THE MAGIC IS YOU NEVER STOP CHASING US. THATS WHAT KEEPS THE ROMANCE AND PASSION ALIVE.
Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives  Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved. Please only share for encouragement purposes.


  1. Are we really supposed to make each other happy? Or can we really??

    1. It's up to you to make yourself happy but showing LOVE to your spouse makes them feel LOVED by YOU. That's what this article is about- being intentional about LOVING YOUR SPOUSE! Making your spouse feel loved = your spouse wanting to make you feel loved! It's a win-win situation.

  2. Are we really supposed to make each other happy? Or can we really??