Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love Letters

I read a few letters we sent back and forth to each other...why can't couples remember the reasons why they were brought together in the first place?

He once asked me:
How and why do you love me so deeply and completely???

November 4, 2010 Jenny Russell
Dear Jacob,

I know words are very important to you, so I choose what I say carefully. I am sorry that you feel confused. Honey, perfect love casts out all fear. God has not given you a spirit of fear..BUT OF POWER, LOVE and A SOUND MIND.

I love you because I'm your Rachel -the one that Poppa promised you when you were taking a shower long ago. The one you and Poppa chuckled about because you could not believe. I Don't say that with arrogance, but with confidence, because I know who I am in Christ Jesus. I know what I'm called to. I'm anointed to be your wife. If you question this, ask Poppa. Remember, every good and perfect gift comes from above. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I was fashioned and created perfectly to fit my heart with yours, my hand to be in yours, to fit my head upon your chest. To walk IN ALL THAT POPPA HAS PURPOSED AND PROMISED US. I'm called to sing with you, to minister with you, to have a baby with you, to touch lives greatly for the kingdom of God, to help the homeless, the broken, and the abandoned, to walk and move in the prophetic and speak words of life over the wounded. We're to travel and go many places. I've been to your future, I am in your future. I was taken to the heavenlies with Poppa. Can you handle this all? Not only that, but the little things. I love your smile. I love your rugged hands. I love your scent. My lips crave your neck. Charm wants lucky so badly. I love our glasses of vino together. I love that you protect me. I love the way you love my babies, they love you too. I love the way you sleep. I love that you love cheese and garlic. I love your music...your worship. I love your heart. I love the way you love Poppa and you inspire me to love Him more. It drives me nuts at times that when I worship our king... I asked poppa about this in heaven and he told me why ... its because we are one. We worship in spirit and in truth.

November 4, 2010 Jenny Russell
should I go on? Can you handle this? I love you for who you are now. I see past all the crud and circumstances that have held you back. I love you for the man you are going to be, because Poppa showed me who you are through his eyes. You're amazing. You shine, and you're mine. You're mine, not Leah's, not her's...mine. You broke me into a million pieces and my heart bled with shards of glass, and even though you slayed me, I still loved you because Poppa put an eternal love for you in my heart. I can't explain it, the love I have for you, it just is!!! I was in a heavenly realm talking to Poppa about you... You are my one true love. Is this not enough for you?

November 6, 2010 Sent from a Phone -Darrell K Russell:
Your cheeziness is something I really miss

November 6, 2010 -Jenny Russell:
what else do u miss about me? I kinda need to know :)

November 6, 2010Sent from a Phone -Darrell K Russell:
I miss your smile, your laugh, the way you can't help but blush every time I look in your eyes, I miss that you can't be away from me for more than 30 seconds, I miss you texting and calling, I miss your oddball sense of humor, I miss your soft kiss, I miss your scent, I miss feeling you in my arms, I miss rubbing each other down with tiger balm because we're the only 2 people on earth who love the scent, I miss reading and discussing Poppa and His Word, I miss praying with you, I miss worshiping Poppa with you... I miss everything about you

November 6, 2010 -Jenny Russell:
i really miss talking about Poppa w u too...and your prayers and back rubs and u talking to our kittys...i miss giving u a spoon w your dinner... vino is not the same w out u...i miss u playing the guitar...i love your music...it makes me want u so bad....also your arms...miss holding ur hand at church and resting my hand on ur thigh....

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