Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ash Heap Turned To Beauty

You've been standing on a heap of ashes -your burned up dreams.
You have been waiting for beauty.
Waiting for beauty to come again.
You have called out every day -wondering if He even remembers your name.
Seasons come and seasons go, but somehow this one has been so long.
Is it ever going to change?
All those silent tears will turn to perfume; their fragrance will sweeten the air.
Forever it will embed a pretty memory of your laughter and smile; you've trampled your fears.
Those who call out His name will not be left in shame.
He sees the struggles. He sees the pain.
You've lost love. You've lost friends. You've lost happy. You've lost yourself within.
You have wondered -is this the end of it all?
Close your eyes, dear one. Imagine yourself free.
Flying high -even higher than the eagles, on a sweet summer breeze.
Above the pain. Above the heartache. Above the disappointment.
Above it all -above everything.
Beauty is going to come again, and those ashes of dreams will be blown away.
Those who look to the Lord and stand in faith -it will not be in vain.
He hears you when you call on His name.
Hold on, dear one, hold on. Beauty is going to come. It's going to come to you again.
Written by Jenny Williams Copyright 2013 Ruby Wives All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to share for encouragement purposes. God bless.

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