Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Season Of Change

Have you been through the dark valley? Have you been in a drought of joy or peace? Have you suffered a season of brokenness and tears? Has it seemed to last so long that you feel like it's never going to change? There is a time for all seasons under heaven to change. Your time will come. My life is proof of this. I went through a very long dark night of the soul and I have found His grace has sustained me and brought me through. I wrote this spontaneous song in the shower:
He gives me His song of deliverance, His love song of praise. 
He will give you one too. Hold on, Beloved. 
Your time of joy will come, I'm praying for you.
The season of change is here, Love surrounding me..
 His joy has been my strength.
 The pain and suffering are like leaves that are falling 
and all that is left are Your promises that remain. 
In You I have found that I have nothing lacking. 
In You I have all that I have ever need of. 
The wind of Your spirit is swirling around me
 blowing away all the pain and the shame.. 
Your love is sweet and thick on me like honey,
 and dripping is Your mercy and favor on my face. 
 Your grace -double grace is now falling like rain. 
All those who misunderstood and perhaps misjudged me 
are blessing me in your glorious name. 
Through it all I have found You to be faithful and true. 
The air is sweet and Your breath I feel in this place. 
In the dark night You walked me through. 
You never left my side.
Jesus, Your joy is mine and I'm forever grateful and dancing this time.
 My tears are dried and my suffering is falling like leaves and are blown away
and all that is left are your promises that remain. Copyright 2012, Jenny Williams.

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  1. This made me cry. I'm in a season, a season of constant hurt by people. I keep trying to remind myself of His unfailing love and grace. Thanks for the reminder that it's just a season.