Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being Pushed

Wow is all I can say, and thank you, God, that you're bringing changes to my life. I sometimes don't like to say the word "surrender" because it seems scary with the unknown that follows. My heart has been crying out for help in the areas that I need changing. There's plenty of need for change. Poppa God is pushing me out of my comfort zone, toward things He placed on my heart years ago: callings and gifts He has blessed me with. For so long I have been on an invisible shelf, collecting the dust of days going by. I'm sure part of it was just the process of growth and refining my character, but now that I have been stepping out into the water, I feel myself being dusted off by God and underneath the grime of disappointments, rejections of others, and insecurities. I find myself being made shiny and new -even pretty. It's something I felt I had lost, but I'm now realizing it was there all along, I just couldn't see it. I have gotten my music back, my singing in the Holy Spirit back, prophetic words and songs back, and I feel Him pushing me to start using those gifts and talents again. Scary, but fantastically cool. I just have to remember that He is with me. He is with me in all I do for Him. I'm not alone in this, and you're not alone in this -in what God has for you to do. God is with you as you step out in faith and allow yourself to be vulnerable to others. I see prayers being answered in my ministry of fighting for marriages and families. I see prayers being answered in my personal life as well -things I just about gave up on are coming forth. Wow, God! Sometimes I think we feel stuck in a dark, dank dungeon, and we can't ever get out, but sometimes I think Poppa God has already removed our shackles, but we don't notice. We're like elephants, who even though they are no longer chained and staked to the ground, won't go past the invisible line, because off their memory of being restrained. I must go past the length of chain I once was restrained by, and I hear Poppa God say, "You're free. You are truly free. MOVE"

I am hoping for and expecting the rest of the resources and tools I need to move forward into what God has called me to. A music team that flows in the spirit to prophetic songs. It will happen -courage and bravery to speak to the ladies at the women's retreat coming up -healing for my body. I'm praying and fasting this week. I've got to get away and hide in the cleft of the rock. I want to see His face more. That's the thing with His presence- it gets addictive, and there's nothing else that satisfies, but His LOVE. I pray all of you who are on your journey of transformation- you are "FREE" and you must walk past that barrier line that you have had for so long. There's so much more for you than you could ever comprehend. "You are free Oh, Daughter! Free!" Love ya gals, and I'm expecting to hear from you about what God is doing in your hearts, lives and bodies. Next level!!!

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