Friday, March 30, 2012

Changes: Week 3 (90 Day Challenge of Transformation)

I won't lie, this third week was hard. It took me all week to even write it- forgive me...

...but I did see changes in my character, and also my body. I went and tried clothes on and was gleefully delighted as they glided on easily. I fought frustration and physical pain, because the weather hasn't been favorable to me. Also my ministry was attacked. Blahh is how I felt some of this past week, but I came through the tests with grace and I feel there is growth, Praise God! I have learned that you just have to keep moving forward, even if it feels like there aren't any results. A couple of days do matter when eating healthy and exercising. I love my friends in the challenge and family who have supported me. This whole experience has been VERY challenging. I am not one who usually is naturally disciplined so for me to lead a group of ladies on this 90 day expedition has been humbling and has caused me to learn to follow through. Some of the gals didn't like a picture I posted of a woman who was smiling with her flaws showing. I felt it was healing, so I just pushed aside my desire to people please, and did what I felt was right. Wow, It was huge for me!!!! I will not always please man, but I must strive to Please GOD. That is what matters and He smiles and approves, not because I deserve it, but because He is LOVE and GRACE. I am getting thinner and my skin is looking fabulous, but inside I'm getting stronger too. I am His daughter and He loves me. Knowing this and walking in this daily is my desire. A Queen knows her place and her authority as she submits to Christ her KING. We are truly becoming a queen after the heart of our King.

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