Friday, July 30, 2010

Keep moving forward

This week was a tough one. I swear the world was falling off it's rocker. Everyone around me seemed to be fighting...friendships dropping like flies. One thing I have learned from my divorce and my husband leaving: Don't ever take anyone for granted. Don't assume someone you love will always be there, because you just never know. I never dreamed he would walk out the door, but I have accepted it -that he just wants something different for his life. He has the acting bug and he is happier when he's doing what he loves.

What makes me happy? It really is just little things -like the sky last night, pink sunset streaks through the clouds, the smell of the ground after a rain, a warm conversation with a girlfriend or anyone, or roses that get sent to the house unexpectedly...oh, I so needed that after a bad day (actually bad I really appreciate friendships and keep hoping for someone to love in every way again. Patience...I wish God didn't think I needed any...

Maybe God's working on someone's life...preparing him for me. I know he works on mine. sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. I either have guys who will throw out "I love you" like its candy, or it's "I'm not worthy of you" -go figure. Isn't there anyone who can really know what love is?

Well, the sunshine is out and I finally got sleep -real sleep, and maybe that's just what I needed after a week of tears and frustrations. It's a new day. Just keep moving forward. By Jenny Williams. Copyright 2010.

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