Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Sex: From a Man's Perspective

* "I wish she would understand that I connect with her emotionally when I connect with her body." 
Men are wired differently. Men connect emotionally when they connect physically.

*"I wish she didn't get hung up about her flaws. I only notice her curves, her smile, and her confidence. A happy woman is a confident one. She's beautiful to me even with stretch marks, wrinkles, slight bulges, etc."

*I wish she would just let go. I wish she would just embrace being passionate and sensual it the bedroom. I'm turned on when I know she's being pleasured by me. She can be as loud as she desires." A woman who embraces her sensuality can be open and delicious for her man. God created sex to be pleasurable between husband and wife.

*"I wish she would not say "NO" or "Not tonight" so often. I understand when she's sick, pregnant or just given birth to our newborn, but lengthy and repeated "No's" make me feel rejected and hurt. I feel less of a man when she turns me away. I wish she knew I needed her when I reach for her." It's scientifically proven that men actually physically need sexual release every 72 hrs. Their sperm count and testosterone levels change and get high. It can get physically very uncomfortable for a man if he has no release.

*I wish she would talk "sexy" to me. I wish she would whisper in my ear her wants and desires. I wish she talked grown up talk in the bedroom and not about the household chores, kids, etc. at bedtime. I wish she would send me sexy text messages meant just for me when we're apart. I feel on cloud nine when I know she desires me."

*I wish she didn't wear flannel pajamas, granny night gowns, ugly sweats to bed." In general, men are more turned on and prefer silk, satin, small and dainty...or nothing on at all. Your bare skin next to his is heaven on earth for him.

*"I wish she would let me see her naked more often and not always be trying to hide her body because she's afraid I'll notice her flaws." Men are visual creatures. Naked is always good. Have sex with the lights on sometimes. He notices your curves and beauty.

*"I wish she knew I want her and only her." Good men are happy and satisfied with their wives if there is a healthy sexual relationship between them. They love belonging to you and knowing you are their only one. That's why men get territorial or jealous: he protects what is his.

*"I wish she were open to trying new things in the bedroom: exploring, playing...discovering." Remember, anything is permissible in the marriage bed. Also you have a lifetime of making love with your spouse, so why not spice things up and try something new?" Boredom is a poor excuse for lack of intimacy in the bedroom.

* "I wish she would take care of her body and health and not let herself go or get stuck in a frump girl rut. I will always love her the way she is, but it pleases me when I know she tries to look her best for me. A few extra pounds are no big deal. but obese (50 lbs and over) weight does bother me. " Many wives say, "My husband says he loves me just the way I am." Most men won't tell their wives that they wish she would lose a few pounds, because they don't want to hurt her feelings. But honestly, he does think it and he does wish it. are visual creatures. They are turned on by sight. Also, when a woman feels uncomfortable with her body weight it becomes a dampening effect on sex. A woman who feels confident about her body is extremely sexy to a man.

*I wish you wouldn't use our sex life as a bribery or bargaining tool. I wish you wouldn't use "Not tonight" as a form of manipulation or as a punishment because you are angry with me." Sex is meant to be sacred, special, and a gift for a husband and wife. Don't ever taint it or devalue it by being manipulative with it. It's wrong on every level. The Bible says to not withhold sex from your spouse.

*"I wish she wouldn't roll her eyes or sigh when I reach for her. It makes me feel bad, like I am selfish or a pervert for asking for sex again." Remember, men need sex. God made them that way. It's a gift and honor to make love to your husband. Try to have a good response and attitude about it. If your husband reaches for you, you are blessed. Many wives are wishing their husbands desired them.

*I wish she knew that when she nags, screams at me, or criticizes me- it turns me off and my desire for her." Men will shut down when they feel disrespected.

*I wish she would ask for sex from me sometimes. I wish she would reach for me and let me know when she desires me first." Men feel good when they know their spouse craves them.

*"I wish she would tell me I'm sexy. I wish she would give me compliments about my body too" Men need to hear affirmations just like women do. We just don't always tell you.

*"I wish she wouldn't tell her girlfriends or anyone what I share with her when I'm being vulnerable and open with her." What is shared in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Don't talk about your sex life and intimate moments to outsiders. It's disrespectful.

*"I wish she would be honest and tell me what I do that pleases her." A touch, a certain stroke... Her communication is important when I make her feel good. She shouldn't hesitate to do something differently. Her pleasure is my pleasure." Men appreciate knowing they are pleasing their woman in the bedroom. It's good to be open and let them know.

Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives Copyright 2014.

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