Monday, October 22, 2012

In The Fog

In the silence, in the moment when I feel everything is too foggy and I can't seem to see hope through the trees of my soul, I hold on -even if all I can do is whisper His name: "Jesus". It feels cold, it feels lonely, and I'm tired of bravely smiling everyday. But I hold on...hold on even if I see no difference and no change in the situation, and when I feel I am not heard -help me. Help me. Help me to trust, and when I'm so tired, let me fall into Your everlasting arms. Heavenly Father, today I come before You, and I remind myself to give You honor and praise for all You have done for me. Thank You for all the times You have brought me through, and now, as I walk through a time of fog and I can't seem to see my way, I trust in You to complete what You have purposed and planned for my life. Your ways are higher than mine, and I choose at this moment to trust You to help me accomplish all that You have promised to do through me. I don't fully understand why this waiting time has been so long, but You will perfect everything that concerns me. I hold fast to Your love. I hold fast to Your word that is forever and unchanging. I love You, Poppa God, and I delight in You and I know that You will give me the desires of my heart. In Jesus' name, the Name that is written on my heart for eternity, Amen. ♥ Written by Jenny Williams Copyright 2012 All rights reserved. Please share for encouragement purposes only.

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