Monday, June 6, 2011

My Daily Prayer

My Poppa God, I come before you asking that You would mold me and shape me to be the woman of God you have designed for me to be. Build and fashion my heart after Yours, and may I continually be growing in character and bearing the fruits of Your Spirit always. I pray that You will help me to be the kind of wife my husband desires and needs. I pray that my words are always sweet and building up- never tearing down. Let my voice sound like Yours, full of love and kindness. Let my song always be from Your heart and minister to my husband, lifting him out of his pit and bringing encouragement. May I be a soft place for my husband to rest. May my heart be a comfort and refuge for him. May I always respond in love and not react out of fear or anger. Give me the ability to always show him respect and may my words and actions honor You, Lord, and him. May I never embarrass, belittle, tear down or be negative. May I refrain from whining and complaining or being a nag. I choose to express myself with Your wisdom and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord that You show me how me how I can remain physically and emotionally attractive to my husband and satisfy him as his lover which is a blessed ministry. May I always be trustworthy with the keys to his heart and the places where he is vulnerable. May I always be his best friend, confidante, and help mate. Show me the areas in my heart and life that need transforming. May I be quick to listen and choose my words carefully. Clothe me in laughter and strength, wisdom and humor. May I be a blessing and not a curse to him all the days of his life. May I remember that it is You, Lord, that fills the fountain of my soul; and that I will not put the burden of my satisfaction on him. My trust and confidence is in You, Lord. Though this list of prayers and attributes is long, it is possible through You, for I know it's not in my own ability or human strength, but through the work of Your Holy Spirit as I yield myself to You. I also know that character is built in a lifetime and not in a day. If I stumble, if I fall, I quickly get up and brush myself off and know that Your sweet grace and mercy are enough for me. May I be quick to forgive and not let bitterness and strife rob me of my love for my husband. I look for the good and not the bad. I focus on You, Lord. Thank You for blessing me with my husband, and I may I never take our love, marriage or family for granted. In Jesus' name, amen. ~Jenny

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