Monday, April 7, 2014

Classy Woman: How to Be One

A real woman of class and grace always is one, even when nobody is looking. She returns the grocery cart even in the pouring rain. She handles rude people with dignity and grace. She understands that she is never too wise to learn more. She knows how to respond and react to all kinds of people. She has wisdom not to try to change the minds of foolish people. She doesn't waste her energy listening to or entertaining gossip. She takes no part in slander or trying to criticize others. She knows her purpose. She knows her vision. She handles adversity with God's help. She has manners. She shows gratitude always. She treats others kindly: from a small child to the elderly person who is weak and feeble. She treats them with dignity and grace. She respects those who serve her. She treats them fairly and honors them for their service. She never treats them like they are beneath her. She smiles at the waitress. She thanks the door man. She extends her hand to help when the opportunity arises. She constantly keeps her attitude in check. She understands that she is an ambassador for the Lord in all that she says and does and she should represent God's love well. She knows that her mouth is a gate, and she speaks with love, life, and wisdom. She honors others even when they are not in her presence. She honors her Mother and her Father. She respects her pastors, the elders of her church, her bosses, and those in authority. She does not compete with other women for attention because she knows who she is in Christ and that her self esteem is based on God's perception of her. She doesn't have to flaunt her body and wear immodest attire. She maintains herself and tries to look and be her best always. Her inward beauty shines through her eyes and smile. She likes to make others feel good about themselves. She goes the extra mile. She is a delight wherever she goes. When others think of her name, they smile in their hearts because her essence lingers long after she has left any room. She is a woman of class, wisdom, grace. This the kind of woman I desire, pray and strive to be. Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives ~Copyright 2014


  1. Your post are so motivating and they really inspire me to be the best Christian wife, mother, daughter and friend I can be.

  2. These are much of my goals for 2017. I have many of these virtues already but I believe I am always a work in progress .

  3. Pls paragraph your article & change the background color. The fonts are too small & clustered makes it hard to read your wonderful article thanks